Saturday, January 1, 2011

Gods ways are Higher than ours: The Pirate Queen, a book review

Patricia Hickman has captured such an important message for readers – God can and will change an impossible situation into a blessed situation, in real time. Giving the reader both hope and promise, Hickman subtly spins the tale of God breathing life back into something dry. The Pirate Queen starts roughly, but it shortly segues into a well written story that makes the reader become engaged with this family, rooting them on, pulling them back, but most of all, waiting for the unfolding of the blessing with each turn of the page.
Saphora Warren is at the pinnacle of a life spent compromising herself and love for the well being of her familial relationships. Although she can recall falling in love with her husband, it is his character flaws that have changed their marriage into a quiet, well decorated prison. Saphora is a privileged woman by all accounts and a good wife and mother – but she has lost herself in all of these pursuits. Her husband, Dr. Bender Warren, shows no tenderness toward her and there is no residual left of his love for the mother of his children, bearer of his dreams.
 Now with their  three grown children all established, and nobody left to give care to – Saphora has determined that it is time for her to pursue a life free of the bondage of a loveless marriage and the demands of adult children. She is all ready to go – except as God will, He diverts her attempts with His plan.
As God will, He uses other people and circumstances to direct His people. Young Tobias, summer friend of Saphora and Bender’s grandson Eddie, shows them how to love in a new way, and how to open their hearts and find each other. The people of Oriental, where most of the story unfolds, embrace both Saphora and Warren, and change both their lives in the midst of circumstances from which only God can create a miracle.
Hickman takes us on a short journey with a family while God is working out His perfect plan. It is well worth the trip.

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