Thursday, June 9, 2016

Stay Summer Hydrated with BodyArmor Super Drink

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Summer is here, and that means my kids are ready to rip and run in the sun. While my daughter is headed off to work for her pre-college summer, my 12-year-old pre-teen son is doing what he loves best - all kinds of summer sports and water park activities.  They both work up enough sweat to be their own version of exhausted by the days end. 

That's what summer is all about - making sure they are still actively learning while they burn enough calories to drop into bed exhausted by the time they get home and eat dinner, right? That's always my goal!


While he's out there doing all of that sweating, running and working hard in the summer heat, I need to make sure he's properly hydrated. Sure, I keep a water bottle in his sports bag, and sometimes he drinks that. 

Most of the time, though, he and his sports buddies are more interested in something with flavor and color. Over the years as a team mom and sports parent, I've learned that not all sports drinks are equal. What's in them can affect my kid in different ways, and what environment he's in while he's active makes a huge difference in they way his body stays hydrated. 

If I want to really keep him up to par, he needs some other vital supplements as well. That's where BodyArmor, the #1 natural sports drink, comes in...


BodyArmor SportsDrink helps me keep my kids super hydrated, and give them important supplements, like Vitamins A, B, C & E and Electrolytes. It's also based in coconut water, and made with natural flavors and sweeteners. Summer sports require a lot of energy, often times mean that your child is practicing and playing outside, and for more hours than during the school year. It's important to me to find the right supplement to keep them healthy, hydrated and safe. Hydration is such a huge part of health - even a little dehydration affects performance and severe hydration leads to sickness and in extreme cases, death. 

I limit the number of hours and exertion they can expend in the sun, and in addition to water, I want to keep them full of liquids I trust to be good for them and to them. 

I feel good about giving it to them, and it tastes good - so they feel good about drinking it. BodyArmor comes in so many great flavors and honestly, my family likes every single one of them. There is no other hydrating alternative that we can say that about. You probably know that with kids and adults, variety keeps us engaged in doing what's good for us! 


I found BodyArmor SportsDrinks at my local Target store and stocked up. You can too, using this coupon provided just for you! Print it, and share it with your friends, too! 

Ways I help my kids remember to stay hydrated in the summer sun:

  • keep drinks in the bottom of the fridge so they are cold and ready to pack in sports and lunch bags
  • freeze a few BodyArmor SportsDrinks so they will stay cold all day while my son is at sports camp
  • encourage them to get hydrated in the morning before leaving the house for the day 
  • lead by example: Stay hydrated myself. They do what I do!


You can find BodyArmor Super Hydration Sports drink at your local Target, Giant Eagle or Meijer. Don't forget to use the $.50 off coupon by clicking on the link here:  

Stay Hydrated!

**I received compensation for this post. 

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