Monday, January 24, 2011

Purpose: present in the midst of the storm

Randy Alcorn's The Goodness of God: Assurance of Purpose in the Midst of Suffering is a classic look at living Christ like through pain and suffering.
He has joined the spiritual context with a modern dictum and personal experiences on walking out kingdom purpose in the presence of pain. I doubt that anyone who has suffered anything can come away from this reading without having left some heaviness behind, and gained a sense of renewed purpose.

Alcorn does not wax poetic about the real pain those who suffer endure, but thoroughly provides scripture reference that allows every believer, as well as non believers, to find that God will use even our most painful moments to create an avenue of salvation for somebody, somewhere. He provides for us the basis of God's purpose in us: to draw all men unto Him to receive salvation. To create an eternity opportunity for a lost soul. To save us.

Conveying this ultimate truth, Alcorn gingerly expounds on the way God uses our suffering and how suffering doesn't permit us a break from being ambassadors of Christ. In our suffering, we are even more drawn to Christ, and He is visible in us more than at any other time. In our suffering (weakness), Christ is made strong, and more transparent to us than ever.

Assuring the reader that suffering is not without spiritual results and purpose, Alcorn does not deviate from the Word of God. He so expertly provides scriptural evidence that God is good, even when we feel at our worst, that the reader cannot help but come to the conclusion: these things will work out for my good. God has given up way more than I have lost just to save my soul.

This book gives the reader a deep sense of purpose, a renewed joy in God's words and ways, and a chance to reason through a difficult time and conclude that God is indeed good. There is a comfort here, that can only be found in God.

The Goodness of God by Randy Alcorn: NOOKbook CoverThe Goodness of God: Assurance of Purpose in the Midst of Suffering by Randy Alcorn, can be purchased at many outlets in both book and electronic reader format, including: (book or Kindle version)
Barnes & Noble (book or Nook format)
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