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Growing with Grace:Sierra Jones Collection, Volume 1

The Sierra Jensen Collection, Volume 1 represents 3 books in the 12 books series. These 3 books follow Sierra's story as she grows through some of what the author portrays as the growing pains of a Christian based teenage girl. Sierra is introduced to us as a mission traveler, adventurous, even returning from a trip abroad to a new adventure - her family has moved in with her aging grandmother who is facing a life change of her own: the onset of dementia or early Alzheimer (not clear on which). Sierra's friends seem to be doing what teenager's should on cue, and it bothers her that she is not. She wants to have a boyfriend, the intimacy of a personal relationship, and to make friends at her new school as easily as the one's she has left behind. We are with her as she faces new challenges, like being alone with her grandmother when she gets a call that she needs surgery while Sierra's parent's are away; and realizing the truth of her friends' personal …