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Sweet Dreams or Toothy Nightmares?

Earlier this year, a prophet spoke something into my life by happenstance. Well, not really. God does nothing by happenstance. However, all that happened was that this prophet posted a Word - the word - short and sweet, dropped heavily into my Spirit. In a span of three days, two preachers spoke on two different Words that connected with that Word and God turned some things in my life drastically. If you wanna read about it, it's in the notes on my facebook page ( You might have to become my friend first. Basic concept: you can prepare for the season you are about to enter while you are in this present season of your life. What you are doing in this season has a implicit impact on the next season of your life.

Today, I was reading my super uber talented friends Debutante Ball post (Elise’s Debutante Ball posts) about variety vs. specialization, and realizing that I haven't been chasing my dreams like I should.

I am a person for whom variety is key. I need all of these different types of outlets or I will JUST IMPLODE. I know I will. I will burst into one thousand and two million pieces on the living room carpet while my 6 year old is watching Sid the Science Kid for the umpteenth time, and my daughter is singing yet another song she has composed. They will sweep me up and pour crazy glue over my head and sit me in the chair until I have come to some semblance of myself again in time to fix dinner.

I had been, in this present season - writing at every opportunity, submitting and publishing where there was an interest, and being published - ah! that is the gem. But life gets in the way. Okay, I allow life to get in the way at times. And then my dream starts chasing me IN my dreams. I have positively wonderful chapters in my sleep. I wake up and sometimes write them down, and sometimes don't. I get song lyrics in my dreams. I always write them down, sing them to myself on recording devices so the tunes don't disappear in the mayhem of daily life. Or, sitting in traffic daydreaming, a super plot line RIGHT THERE in the midst of what could have been road rage. And no pursuit on paper at a proper time.

Later, I may get an excellent elaboration on a key point that opens up a theological theory. I take massive notes on my blackberry note application - and should turn this into an article to submit to the right publication, or blog about, or share in another venue. But I let it pass and go to soccer practice, or drama club pick up or homework time; schedule my surgery date with the doctor; work late - skip lunch (my time); etc.

So, what then, shall I do? Well, I will do what I know is best. First, I will adhere to the number one rule in my life. Structure: I have to have it. I have to pray in the morning (and without ceasing, but specifically in the morning as a part of my organizational routine). I have to make lists. I have to order my day by organizing or the day will run haphazardly away. If I can do this, I can make time to write. Somehow, if I miss doing these things, I miss writing - and having time to pursue the variety of writing that I need.

It's time to Rise & Grind, as the very talented and exciting Lauren Artista Luna has planted in my psyche. I will be front and center at Se7en Deadly Sins, on Friday October 22, at the Concourse Hotel 4300 International Gtwy, Columbus, Ohio when the show starts at 8 p.m. (as long as my surgery recovery allows).

It is time, as I have been told by my publisher, to put out the end of year issue of Urban Elements Magazine.

This has been a rocky first year for our freshman publication, but an also wonderful experience altogether. Here is where I get to shine - in so many different ways.

We have the articles. We have the talent. We'll be closing out the year bringing you the 411 on some of the hottest people in the 614/734 area code.  For instance, DJ Delayne Whiteside, repping Slingshot Movement, fresh off a major distribution deal - really driving the industry for Christian hip hop artists worldwide. Slingshot Movement includes Street Pastor Yaves Ellis, Priest, Kambino - just to name a few, if you didn't know.

Delayne Whiteside, aka DJ LayneLuv

I can't tell you to much or I will have to cyber stalk you. I know social media. I can do it.

I have new lyrics that need music, and future bishop Minister Devyn Coleman with music chasing him in his dreams (ha!). I am sure I can coerce Minister John Sorrells (who is usually caught between two conditions when it comes to me: to assist.
Iamgonnaprayforher..becausesheisinneedofmuchprayer..andgetsonmylastchristiannerve and aweee...lookatmychristianfriend...

My sisters, both ordained Ministers, one my Pastor and one my Reverend - and both raised up in the Choir with me - have no choice. If all else fails, I will beg my friend in Christ and music aficionado, Rev. Raymond Wise to help!

And my career....God - you know. Line upon line, precept upon precept. It goes without saying that all of this is in addition to the routine of my life: being a Godchaser; loving and nurturing my children; and any other children God puts in my path; being a good steward and seeking Him daily to improve me. I believe, now help my unbelief. Loving my friends and family and LIVING out loud.

Do you have sweet dreams or toothy nightmares? Let's start now sowing into the next season. Get organized and get busy - It's Elemental!


  1. Wow! There is so much too this I do not know where to start. All these dreams of what I want to do haunt me consistently and constantly. So much to do and so little time, but I must start somewhere and that is making a plan to write it down and make it plain. It is the only way to get through your goals. It has to be structure some organization some direction on where you want to go. New Seasons are all upon us and God is wanting us to put our FAITH into WORKS because without WORKS your FAITH becomes DEAD! I am ready to be moved and to move into the direction that god has written for my life and with this article it makes me want to even more stand up and get my own RISE AND GRIND going! A to the Meeeeeeeeeeeeeennn!!!!

    Tricia A. Mosley

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog. All best things, sister.


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