Monday, January 16, 2012

Damn Fine Words

I just ran across a blog called Men with Pens, where a competition is being hosted to get into a class titled The Damn Fine Words writing course. I want into this class. I've been sharing my writing since I was about 11 years old. I wrote my first short story and turned it in for an advanced English class. I was surprised at the affect it had on the teacher, and I wanted to recreate that phenomena over and over again. I wanted people to be affected by words that I wrote.

When I was 5 my babysitter taught me to read, and the power that gave me made etched the importance of words into my psyche. I was forever impacted by the power of a turned phrase.  Being the 7th child of 7, writing became a way to express myself - to take those things inside of my mind out and put them on paper. I was often found sitting in a quiet place with a book, pen and paper creating my own world with words.

I am always looking for ways to better my writing skills, and the chance to take this course at Damn Fine Words would definitely impact my life, both personally and professionally. New and updated skill sets plus confidence will allow me to take better control of my blog and propel it to the next stage. But more importantly, these skills well help me in the book writing process, as I am working on both a 31 day devotional and a novel.The Damn Fine Words writing course will give me so much more of what I need to be better at what I do. 


  1. Hi Elizabeth! I wish you much success with your devotional and novel in the works. You're clearly a thoughtful and sensitive writer, and I'm sure they will be wonderful. :-)

  2. This course sounds pretty cool! I hope you get to take it. I hope you get to recreate that feeling you were able to bring out in your teacher over and over again. It sounds like you are motivated enough to make it happen!


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