Friday, September 10, 2010

Get in the Game...

I don't usually fully re-post other people's blogs here...but I have learned how important it is to actually get in the game. If you don't practice what it is you read, what knowledge it is you receive, you will be lost. You will continue to sit at the gate, waiting for somebody to come along and pick you up and deliver you to your final destination. My own Pastor has taught me how incredibly integral it is to practice: read, research, apply practical knowledge in my own order to get results.

So often, we know that we are destined for greatness, but we have no idea how we are supposed to arrive there. Because of that, we just wander through life unfulfilled, waiting for greatness to manifest. We may even be the person who goes to  , quotes Zig Ziglar like he lives with us - but to no avail. The reason is because we do not practice what we receive.

How then, can we practice? You cannot hold in your mind what you cannot envision - and once you envision something, you must capture the vision. Write the vision and make it plain. Why? Once you write it, you can run with it. You cannot run with what you cannot hold. Once you have it in your hand, you can make a plan of action. Then you can practice the plan, daily. Live it.

For example - did you ever run track? I did. If you run relay, you are either the person with the baton or the person waiting for the baton. In either case, you are a part of the ultimate completion of the vision: winning!

If you are waiting for the baton so that you can begin your leg of the race, you have to stand in position, adrenaline pumping, waiting for the advance of the runner with the baton outstretched to hand to you. You see the approach, but you also know that you have to receive that baton just right, or you won't be able to hold it to complete your leg of the race. You have to plan how you will stand, how you will receive, and how you will hold that baton and run with it. You could grab it wrong and it could fall, making you stumble to get it back in hand and lose precious time. Or, it may slip out of your hands because of sweat. You also have to plan how you are going to hand that baton off at the end of your leg of the race if you are not the final runner. The baton is not easy to hold while running the race.

Neither is the vision  easy to fulfill while running this race.  You see the vision, but you don't immediately have the plan for fulfillment. So, write the vision down. Make that part plain. That way you don't have to carry it haphazardly while you run with it.

When you see it.
Put it where you can see it - regularly. You and others, because the Word says - "they that see it"; be careful about those 'they'. Not everybody is worthy to be 'they'. The Word talks about surrounding ourselves with wise counsel. Enough said. I just don't have all day to explain that to you.

Practical application of what you have knowledgeably received. Don't just sit around saying amen, that was a good word. Or, oooh-that was deep. Don't just repeat what you have heard because it sounds philosophically poetic. Practice it. Get in the one of my twitter peeps likes to say - you are not a baller because you declare yourself so - you are a baller because you 'got verifiable game'.

So, that is why I did the repost today: get off the bench. get in the game.

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