Monday, January 4, 2010

Where is safety? I thought this was the refuge

Now, if we are not safe in the church house on New Years Eve, where are we safe? The Church is a refuge. How dare some idiot be outside firing a gun anywhere in the proximity and a CHILD lose his life? Is there a way that the shell can be traced back to the gun? Where is McGyver? Where is CSI or NCSI or any other investigative crime unit, real or imaginery?

You probably know what I am talking about already, but in case you don't - here is a snippet:

A four-year-old boy has died after a bullet fired from up to five kilometres away fell through a church roof and struck him in the head.

Marquel Peters was playing a portable video game at the church in Decatur, Georgia, on New Year’s Eve when he suddenly slumped to the ground and began bleeding profusely, US networks report.

His parents sitting next to him had no idea what was happening as they leant down and spotted a gaping wound in his head.

“I saw his Nintendo game fall on the floor, and I heard a sound and I heard him scream a little bit and I looked around and all I saw was blood coming from his head,” said Marquel’s mother Nathalee Peters.

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Where do you weigh in on this? What does it prove that you can point a gun up in the air without a thought that a bullet has to come down? That you are a complete waste of brain matter without conscience thought that your action does indeed have far reaching consequence, whether you are there to answer for it or not? Too late now to say you are sorry. What about Marquel? What about his family? When are we going to understand that it is time to find a new way to show our bravado?

You know the column that often appears in magazines that shows what is in and what is out for this season? Organizing and being proactive in your community? IN....Standing around with big guns and shooting up in the air like you are big ish? OUT......Player please.

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