Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bigger and Better(?)

So, we are now succinctly placed into a new year. No more getting ready for it, it's here. What are you gonna do about it? You have a full year behind you, and I am sure you can recall what you were doing last year at this time. Was it in any way similar to what you are doing right now? Then, there might be an issue. Something, at least, should have changed in a years time.

Did you set goals? I have a friend who, every year on her birthday instead of getting dressed to go out and kick it, spends the day revisiting her life goals, going over her budget plan, and assessing how well she is doing according to the plan. You can only do this if you have a plan.

This also brings up another question - at what age do you STOP strapping on stilettos or shining up your best italian leather kicks and going out on your birthday? What is that definite year? What is the line in the sand - because somebody needs to post it at some spots in Columbus.

Okay, I digress. Back to the question at hand - how well do you set personal growth goals, assess your budget and stick to it, and live according to your means and not your 'Seen-it-got-to-have-its'.

We are in a lot of the condition, economically and socially because of the entitlement of others. The reason it is not succesful is because it is not true - to be entitled means somebody owes you something.

We spend a lot of time saying we work hard so we deserve to go out, we deserve to buy those shoes, we deserve whatever the immediate satisfaction is - but that is an illusion of entitlement. We don't deserve anything - it is not our inalienable right to have $80 hairdos and $45 mani/pedi's every week or every other. Not true. Myth. Really. You made it up.

So, tell me, how does this fit all together into your goals for 2010? And how far are you from where you where at this time in 2009.

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