Monday, May 2, 2011

nobody told me - Join the New Sexual Revolution

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As books go 'nobody told me', by Pam Stenzel and Melissa Nesdahl, is groundbreaking. I wish I had 100 copies so I could give them to not only girls and boys, but men and women. The truth about sex and intimacy is hiding from America wrapped up in a scary word called education. When we educate ourselves about the myth that having sex is the defining act of adulthood and independence; the quickest way to instant gratification; or the way we say 'I love you',  we change the outcome of our lives.

In a Christian aspect, we get the true story about what sex is meant to be; in a non religious aspect, we get the truth about what sex has become.

There are some basic truths we need to accept, and any person who has had sex knows that they are just that: basic truths about sex.
  • There are physical consequences to having sex before marriage
  • There are emotional consequences to having sex before marriage
  • There are Spiritual consequences to having sex before marriage.
  • It is okay to say this out loud and reason together about it.
Even the style in which the book is laid out is user friendly and encourages reflection and conversation. I am passing the book on to my 13 year old daughter so that we can discuss the findings together. Then she will pass it on to her 21 and 23 year old cousins so that they can join the discussion with us.

This is a great opportunity to create a network of people with which to discuss the "New Sexual Revolution". Build your network and make informed decisions. The best decision is abstinence, and you can join the new revolution today. Be a rebel. I did!

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