Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Life Changing Moments

Okay, so by now you know that I am a reader of nearly any genre and/or topic. I have been reading since I was 4 years old. Reading, for me, is like thumb sucking (to which I also subscribed) - escapism. Opening the cover of a new book, or now - clicking to the first page of writing on my Nook, is one of the most exciting moments in life.

As such, you can imagine my horror when my current health challenges affected my vision. I was as panicky as a baby bird fallen from the nest in the path of a feral cat. I adjusted my glasses, got closer to the e-reader screen, brightened the light - anything that would allow me to see the words clearly on the screen. None of these things worked. I even enlarged the print, thinking maybe I am getting older even though mentally I feeeeeel 32. Still, unclear vision.

After a 10 minute deep breathing exercising that nearly ended in hyperventilation because nobody needs to deep breath for more than 3 minutes, I tried a 'real' book, only to find the same end result: blurred words, unclear vision.

Now that I was more calm, I prayed:

Dear Jesus, I know I have done some things wrong, but I repented and tried really hard to turn from my wicked ways. I am sorry. PLEASE don't take my vision. Please. In Jesus, your, name. Amen.

I called my doctor, because the atypical migraines do affect my vision for a short period of time, but not this long, and (voice rising) I should be able to read, shouldn't I? I mean I have to see to read, right?

After more ambiguous and expensive co-pay testing, the Doctor explained in basic English and in medical shenanigans, that he has no clue WHY my vision is affected although he can tell me this is a side effect of the migraine. We will continue with the prescribed method of treatment of the neurologist until we find some solution. However, because my vision does return to clarity after anywhere from a few hours to a few days, the suggestion is that this is a temporary side effect. Not permanent. Nope. Not forever.

Does this tell you the same nothing it tells me? Good - we are on the same path of discovery then. My good friend pointed out to me that my Nook is equipped to read to me. God bless America and the friends that I love.

As usual, I am now reading up on these migraines and what I can do naturally to help myself. I am grateful that my neurologist is also a believer in natural remedy over medication. I am doing some new things that seem to help alleviate the strength and length of each episode. There are more specific tests scheduled for my vision and my body. Most of all, I am writing - because this life changing moment has taught me that I am taking far to much for granted. Like vision.

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