Thursday, June 17, 2010

On Purpose, Not by Chance

My goals are simple nowadays. I intend to live on purpose, by purpose, and in purpose.

Chance and opportunity do meet and make doors open, but if you don’t have any purpose, nothing happens when you walk into that door. You are just there.

On top of that, when others find out that you intend to live on purpose, they often intend to make it their purpose to intersect your suggestion of progression. They will say things like, I just want to make sure you are doing what is right. Or, have you really thought this through? Even the most well intentioned people will say ‘only what you do for Christ will last,’ without knowledge or care whether what you are doing is for Christ or lice…it just doesn’t agree with their preconceived notion of ‘what you do for Christ’.

And as if that were not enough, we often get in our own way. We find an any and a body to blame for us not living on purpose. EVERYbody is standing in the way of our purpose. That is when it is REALLY time to look at ourselves. Whenever you find yourself blaming a lot of people because you didn’t get here or there or get to do this or that, STOP: HAMMER TIME. Sit down and write down what you have been saying. Then find yourself in it.

When the Word says ‘write the vision and make it plain so that he who reads it can run with it and not grow weary’ – it means all the visions. Your vision of how your life is not what it should be because of every and body standing in the way of you and your destiny. If you just go on ahead and write that down and make it plain, you can spend the rest of your life getting on purpose.

Here is what I mean by living on purpose, by purpose, and in purpose:

• On purpose: Don’t let choices make you. Don’t just let your day happen, have a plan for your day. Get up with praise on your lips, order your day by going to the Author and Finisher of your faith before anything else can happen and do it on purpose. Then, speak your day into order – those things that are not as if they were. Today, I am going to do A, B & C.

• By purpose: Know what your purpose here is – you are not of this world, you are just in it. You didn’t grow out of the grass, you were born. With a purpose. So live by your purpose – If your purpose is to encourage other people – live by that purpose. Live by your own purpose. Encourage yourself. If your purpose is to clothe other people (and believe me, this does fall in line with the purposes of God – you have to seek Him to know how, that is not mine to tell you) clothe yourself. Live by your purpose. If your purpose is to teach others the Word of God, fill yourself with the living Word. Live by your purpose.

• In purpose: Walk in your purpose – others see that and are drawn to it. It becomes who you are – purpose and destiny. My sister always says ‘walk in your blessing’. So much so, that I say it without hesitation now. Walk in your blessing – walk in your purpose. Seek out the opportunity to walk in your purpose. Do you have poetry in your soul? Did you know that one of the signs of a prophet or a preacher is that gift of language? Poetry?

What I am learning over a period of time and loss, because God makes miracles out of mess, is that now is the time to refocus on purpose. Lots of people and things have happened to me, but if God be for me, who can be against me? Look for the purpose in whatever is going on in your life right now – it is there – and …..

Let your life be about purpose, not about chance.

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