Thursday, February 11, 2010

John Mayers Peter channels Duke plus He passes in the hood

You know, I have been on the verge of liking this dude for a long time, but just could not step over the precipice. My mind, body, and soul just could not climb aboard in agreement of the célèbre cause. Now I know why. John Mayer is a classic idiot. He just doesn’t have a sheet or an office.

In his recent interview with Playboy magazine, to add to his ridiculous ramblings that continue to amass to amazing A-Hole Academy Magna Cum Laude levels of achievement, he likened his penis to a 'white supremacist'. Mayer, when asked if he dated black women, said "I've got a....David Duke cock."

Now, it would be unfair of me not to give you the whole quote, wouldn’t it? It would be as if I was omitting words to make Mayer's statement sound worse than what it actually was, huh? Okay - here goes his full statement:

"I've got a Benetton heart and a fuckin' David Duke cock"
Alright. Maybe I am being a lil harsh on a broth....e...r....After all, Mayer said, in the same interview, he has a hood pass. Or, actually - someone asked him what it felt like to have a hood pass. Mayer's actual statement was that if one actually had a hood pass, 'you could call it a nigger pass.' Yeah. He took to twitter to apologize for that 'intellectual' slip up. 'Black people love me.' Okay, David, I mean, John.
Here is a word to the unwise for Mr. John Mayer. Black people do not love you. Black people, White people, Yellow people, and the rest of the Benetton nation, love music. You, son, are not the only white boy with a piano and voice.
Now - having said that, I am sure a bunch of folks will say, awe, John is not a racist. He was just drunk, or his humor is just dry, or he didn’t mean it like that. This, folks, is what we call 'acceptable racism' because it was unintentional. It is kind of like unintentional murder. Awe. He didn’t mean to kill her. He was just shooting and she got in the way. Awe..He didn’t mean to teach his kids to torture interracial kids at school. He was just saying at home that he didn’t condone interracial dating and the (insert hood pass word here) should stay with their own kind. They took it the wrong way.
Who gives a flying fish egg? If President Obama farts right in a left flying wind - he meant to start a smell Tsunami.

He sings real good. He collaborates with them 'en's from the hood. Let it go - I guess we should. We don't want to miss his Wonderwood. Your Body Idiocy is a Wonderland?

If you want to talk about it, let's do that. It's Elemental!

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