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Welcome to 'It's Elemental', the blog! If you know me already, you know I tend to know a little bit about a lot - but I make sure that bit I know is concrete. Can I blog? Yes, I can. Right here, we are gonna talk about everything from the latest local author - what's hot and what's not, to the latest local event I attended. I might have even seen you there.

For instance, this past Thursday, December 17th, I stopped by Vino's in Short North, to visit with Danielle Benson( of Nontle Jewelry - which, by the way, provides WAYYY more than just hotttt jewelry, and met some of the hottest female entrepreneurs in Columbus.

One of them, Norma J Gripper of Soul Purpose (, was a recent acquaintence from the previuos weeks event 'The Klatch' with the ladies of BLAKStar (, at Urban Spirits Method Gallery (

So, we will blog about events, ideas, happenings, and - well, this one:

Do you think that what Donnie McClurkin is doing by taking a full frontal approach to a ban on homosexuality in Christianity is persecution? Is he the modern day disciple Matthew, who persecuted Christians, even to torture, until God recruited him? Then Matthew ran just as hard for God? Does He hold more influence speaking from his confession and deliverance from homosexuality?

Both the gospel (?) singer Tonéx and Donnie McClurkin are tied financially into the gospel community, and both have taken a stand on this issue - Tonéx has allegedly declared his alternative lifestyle, and Donnie has declared his deliverance and abstinence from such, and some would say, is persecuting other homosexuals as not being willing to be delivered from “the perversion of homosexuality.”

What do you think?

Or, how about this? At the recent Town Hall on Youth Violence at the Lincoln Center, where SoDebNair from Fresh Face Radio ( kept Urban Elements updated on the happenings, Mayor Colemen stated that the community recreation centers would reopen. He stated that he had to make a decision on whether to close the recreation centers, or hire more police officers to provide protection to the community. The 'community' questioned why he didnt retire or fire some of the older police officer who create an atmosphere of harrassment and fear for black community residents, which would free up money to both hire new/younger police officers AND keep the recreation centers open. The Mayor never directly responded to this question. Actually, he left before the event ended....

What are your thoughts?

So, let's blog about it............................


  1. I think Mayor Coleman should have stuck around and took some questions. I'm concerned with the mayor I've come to love. He may want to check the popularity polls, he's losing supporters.

  2. As I was not in attendance for the town hall meeting, I listened to part of the broadcast on 107.5. I will say that if in fact Mayor Coleman was able to reveal his plans, he should of at least given people a little more than a flashy smile and a little lip service. I agree with Tleigh, it would have been the most diplomatic thing for him to stay and answer questions, considering, at least to my understanding the town hall meeting was meant to be used to discuss solutions on how the community, not to exclude local government, can come together to bridge the gap for our youth. Which would include public relations as it pertains to the Columbus Police Department. Maybe someone could shed a little more light on the subject for me.


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